Play FreeCell io Online  For Free – FreeCell Solitaire Card Game 

You can play freecell io solitaire card games online for free. Freecell is an easy to play card game. It is quite fun and doesn’t have a steep learning curve.

FreeCell is a standard 52-card deck solitaire card game. Most of us have known freecell from our windows built-in game. Microsoft have included this solitaire game since 1995. 

To be honest, FreeCell solitaire is a nostalgic game for 90’s kids. 

How To Play FreeCell Solitaire io – FreeCell Rules 

Freecell is a beginner friendly card game. It can be a great card game for those who want to get used to cards and the suits. 

To understand freecell solitaire rules, we must understand the structure of the game design layout and the table.

The game is played using a standard 52-card deck. 

Freecell Game Layout

There are three different sections (piles) in Freecell io. 

  1. Four Open Cells: These are kept empty. You can use these free cells to place cards during the game. Each free cell can hold one single card at a time.
  2. Four Open Foundations: These are also kept empty. Foundations are the cells that have suit color in them. The foundation piles follow suit– which means you can only place cards of the same suit. 
  3. The Tableau: This is the playground for freecell solitaire. Tableau has 8 cells. The 52 cards are laid down in the tableau to start the game play. 

Tableau and Game Setup 

Cards are dealt face-up into the eight cascades. Each tableau pile is given a number from 1-8. 

The first 4 cells have 7 cards each. The remaining cells (numbered 5-8) have 6 cards each. 

The cards in the tableau must be placed by alternating suits. The two adjacent cards in the tableaux cannot be of the same color. 

Once the tableau is set up, the player can move the topmost card of any cascade to any other cells– following the “Allowed Moves” rules.

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