Play Call Break Online With Friends And Solo

Call Break online is a fun trick-taking card game that you can enjoy with friends, family, or play solo. 

The game has a few rules that you should know beforehand. However, with our online call break, you don’t need to remember most of the rules. The app automatically selects the list of cards that you should play. So, learning and enjoying callbreak card game has never been this easy.

You can play call break online without downloading on PC or Mac. 

What is CallBreak Card Game? 

Call break, also called Lakdi, Lakadi or कॉल ब्रेक गेम in some parts of India, is a variant of the game of spades. This variant of the trick-taking spade card game is popular in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. However, callbreak is sometimes referred to as Call Bridge in Bangladesh. 

Although the rules of the game are similar to Bridge card games, it is easier and more fun to play. Unlike Bridge, where two players team up, each player plays for maximum tricks (called sets or points) in a call break game. 

Four players bid for points (called “Call”), and the more tricks or set you win, the more points you get. You may need to be good at counting cards and bluffing calls to be an expert at this.

The strategic nature of this tas game attracts both the new players and the experts. 

Spade is the trump suit of the game.

Learn How To Play Call Break in 7 Steps

You can learn to play call break in these 7 steps. Each step is easy to follow through and made easy with our online game.

Total Time Needed :



Total Cost:



Required Tools:

– A Computer or Mobile Device

Things Needed?

– 30 minutes of your time.

Steps to learn callbreak:

start call break

Starting the Game: 

The card game starts with a standard 52-deck card. The game is usually played for 5 rounds. The cards are shuffled and distributed by one of the players. The cards are played clockwise direction. 

Few rules determine who deals the first round. We have talked about them in detail in this blog post about the call break rules. However, if you are playing on our app or website, everything is automated and you only need to worry about the strategy. 

tricks in call break

The Call: 

When each player receives 13 cards each, the player sitting left to the dealer starts by calling out the tricks he thinks he can win in the round. A trick or call is the number of sets you can win in a round. You can call between 1-8 tricks. You win a set by playing the highest card among the four players. 

Is there any risk if you predict or call more tricks than you can win? Yes. You get negative points equivalent to the call you made.  Therefore, make sure you call only the points you think you can get.

call break game play

The Game Play: 

After each of the 4 players make the Call, the player sitting left to the dealer plays the first card of his choice (In Nepal, the game is played in counter clockwise direction– more on that in our call break rules blog post). The next player throws a higher card of the same suit and so on. Each player must follow the suit. For example, if the first player throws 10 of hearts, other players must throw a higher card of the hearts (A, K, Q, or J). If they don’t have the higher card, they can throw any lower card of the same suit. A player must always play the same suit as the first player. If they don’t have a card of the same suit, they should throw a Spade card. If they don’t have a spade, they can then throw any card of their choice. The player that wins a trick, starts the next set and the suit is followed again. When all 13 tricks are played, the points are calculated and the next round is started. The player next to the previous dealer deals the next round.

When you play with real cards, you can get penalized if you play the wrong card. But, with our online call break, you don’t need to remember or worry about throwing the wrong card. The app’s algorithm automatically limits the cards you can play so that you can focus more on winning the game than accidentally playing the wrong card and getting penalized. 

trump cards of spades

The Trump Card:

Spade is the trump suit of the callbreak game. This means a spade card will win against a card of another suit, be it a higher value card. For example, if a player throws Ace of hearts but the next player doesn’t have any hearts and plays 2 of spades. 2 of spades will win the trick.

mission of game objective

The Objective of Call Break Game: 

Your main agenda of the callbreak — online, offline, or multiplayer, is to get as many points or tricks as possible in 5 rounds. 

You can get points by calling higher or deceiving other players. However, you should be careful not to get negative points because it can be hard to recover. 

calculate points in call break

Calculating Points – Game Economics :  

The player that wins a set gets a point. A round will have 13 sets (tricks). A play of four cards is a set. The player with the highest card, considering the trump card rule, wins a set. 

The points are calculated at the end of each round. The players receive the points based on their call. 

If any player wins more tricks (sets) than he called for, he gets an extra 0.1 points. For example, if player A called 2 points at the start of the round, but he won 5 tricks. He will get 2.3 points– 2 points for his call and 0.3 points (0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1) for the extra 3 wins. 

But, if a player didn’t win the tricks as per his call, he will receive negative points equal to his call. For example, if player B thought he could get 4 tricks in the round so he called 4 points.  Unfortunately, he only managed to win 3 sets in the round. So, he will get -3 points.

The points of each round are calculated at the end of 5 rounds. And, the player with the highest number of points wins the game of call break. 

Generally, the points are noted in a notebook. But, with our free call break android app and this free online call break card game, the system automatically tallies the points for you. 

winner prize card game

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner?

What does the winner get? 

The winner’s prize is decided beforehand. It is usually a pot of money. 

The winner gets a certain amount of reward, usually money, from each player after a game is completed. 

The player coming second pays the least while the fourth player pays the most amount for the winning pot. 

For example, if the winning pot is 100 bucks, the losing players pay 10, 30, and 60 bucks depending on their rank.  The paying ratio is decided before the game starts.

Because a fixed amount is decided beforehand, call break card game is a great way to pass time with your friends and family. You won’t lose a lot of money in a short amount of time like other card games. 

Almost every family plays Callbreak in Nepal during the festivals like Dashain and Tihar.

7 Reasons Why Our Call Break Trick Taking Game Is The Best 

There are a lot of other online call break tas games. In fact, if you go to the app store, you can find over 50 call break apps. So, why should you play ours? Because of these 7 reasons. 

1. Call Break is always free

We will never charge you to download our call break android app or play it online. You can enjoy all the features for free forever. 

Bring in friends, family, and enjoy this great trick-taking card game for free on your mobile device or play it online without downloading.

2. Smart Bots, Cheat-proof Algorithm, and Frequent Updates

We hate cheaters and hope you do too. Our card distribution is completely random and our code is updated frequently. 

You will love our hacker free fair-play environment. We also take crashes seriously so you can trust us for smooth crash-free game play.

And, we have implemented the smartest bots there are in the market. You can get a great card game experience even while playing single-player or offline callbreak. 

Even if you are a pro call break player, we challenge you to play against our smartest bots! 

3. Free Multiplayer Mode

Unlike some other popular call break online games out there, you can play against other real players on our call break multiplayer mode. We have a large user base, and we match you with the player of your rank. Don’t believe us? 

Download our app or try it here! It’s free. 

4. Free Hotspot and LAN Call Break game

Don’t want to play with random real players? Well, download our game from Google play store, and play with your family or friends. 

Easily create a server, and play call break with your friends and family. Great for festivals and great for friends hangouts. 

Our hotspot/LAN mode is very easy to set up. Just connect to the same network and start playing. See who’s the best! 

5. Great Game Economics

Was unlucky? Even the losers will get some coins for your effort.

If you win the game, you will get a huge winning bonus. You also have a chance to double your coins! 

Collect the game coins because…

6. Redeem Game Coins For Awesome Rewards

You can buy cool in-game skins, the coolest table, and super-cool VIP card sets with in-game coins. As we said easier, our free call break online game won’t charge you a penny. So, you can also get those items with the coins you collect by playing games. 

Play more, get more rewards!

7. Multiple Games, One Currency

Are you good at Call Break but just learning Kitty or Rummy? Or, you are lucky at Ludo, but just starting on card games? Well, our game uses the same coins for all the games. You can use your winning coins at any of the other 8+ games like Jut Patti, Satte pe Satta, Rummy, Kitty, Ludo, and many more.

Enjoy Call Break Multiplayer – Play Solo or Play Callbreak on LAN

Hope you learned how to play call break card game. 

Play our online version or download our app on android to enjoy this fun trick taking card game now!

Play call break without downloading on PC or Mac. Create a LAN server on a hotspot and have a call break card game with your friends and family.

Feeling bored? Call Break is a great game to play when bored! 

We have made the game as easy to use as possible. If there are any issues or if you need more help with this addicting game, let us know in the comments below.

Happy Winning!

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